Get Help with your Holiday Decorating by Hosting a Tree Trimming Party

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

Sometimes it can be hard to find time to get together with friends and family during the holidays when you’re so busy with all the other things you’re trying to get done. Between shopping, baking, wrapping, and chauffeuring the kids around, there just doesn’t seem to be much time left. But you can have a great time decorating your tree by inviting friends and family over to help. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the lighter side of the holiday. And since there’s no such thing as a perfect Christmas tree, there’s no worry about having your decorating finished since the guests are there to help accomplish that.

Of course, the first thing you need to do is make sure your tree is set in the stand correctly and skirted. Find some of your favorite Christmas music and if you have a fireplace, light a fire to help set the mood. Candles and votives provide a soft glow and sense of warmth if you don’t have a fireplace. Set up a buffet with foods that are easy to eat while being active, such as trimming the tree or helping the kids.

Tree trimming parties work great in the afternoon or evenings, just be sure to indicate on your invitations what you intend to serve so guests can plan accordingly. The holidays are famous for sweet treats, so cookies and other goodies are a good choice. Be sure to serve plenty of hot drinks and egg nog, and provide juices for the kids. Appetizers work alongside cookies and other goodies nicely, and offer guests an alternative once they’ve filled up on sweets. If you choose to do it on a weekend, a brunch with bagels, muffins, fresh fruit and a breakfast casserole or two would work great. An afternoon chili and stew buffet would also be easy to prepare and quick to clean up.

You can choose to have guests hang ornaments you already have, or you can provide materials for guests to ChristmasTreemake their own ornaments. If there’s small children in attendance, be sure to provide age-appropriate materials for them to construct their own decorations. Add a festive touch and protect the craft area at the same time by covering the surfaces in holiday wrapping paper. In either case, be sure you provide enough material so your guests can also make an ornament to take home with them as a souvenir. Have your guests sign and date the ornaments that are hung on your tree so you can appreciate them for years to come. Whether or not there will be children present, you can set up a table for guests to make their own ornaments to take home as a party favor. Simply choose the craft based on the age and craftiness of your participants. In another area, you might also provide beads or popcorn and cranberries for guests to string.

It’s a wonderful way to trim your tree and remember the reason for the season. Enjoy your company, the great food, and your beautifully decorated tree. Happy Holidays!

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