Guest Book Alternatives That You Would Surely Love to Keep

During the wedding day, the bride and the groom get a bit overwhelmed with all the emotions, the activities, and all the faces. Guest books will then come in handy when the couple wants to reminisce the day’s events and relive the exciting experience even after 5 or 10 years have gone. The sweet messages of love and support from family and friends are all amazing to see written in bold letters, especially when some live far away or some pass on to the next life.

However, the downside of guest books is that it is a book. It can possibly be just another dust-collector up on a shelf or another trinket on top of the coffee table that is commonly covered in remote controls or loose change. The ink may fade and become unreadable over time. Also, the chances of the book being destroyed by getting wet or accidentally being dropped are another problem.

So take on a fresher look into your guest book and find an alternative, which suits the wedding theme or the newlyweds’ style. Functionality, practicality, and aesthetics are to be considered when looking for a wedding guest book alternative to ensure that the couple will indeed treasure it as its own first family keepsake. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Signed seats. A wooden bench for the garden or the porch of the newlyweds’ house can be etched with the guests’ wishes and greetings. Coat the wood with a finishing touch of varnish to protect it from the elements. Other furniture that may be used is a coffee table, the sides of a bookshelf, and also a mirror.

Framed and hanged. Especially popular in modern weddings, framed artwork can be used as a guest book alternative as couples get to be creative on how they want the guests to sign. From a photo of the bride and groom’s engagement session, an artwork involving their thumbprints, or even a simple painting with leaves, the guests can sign all hearts, and balloons. It is easier to carry when moving houses compared to the furniture, but all guests that visit the house many years after as it can be readily seen can appreciate it.

Film it to document it. Create video station with two or more handheld cameras that the guests can easily use to film themselves as they say their funny stories with the couple, share advice as to married life, or just simply say their best wishes to the newlyweds. Compile all of the clips together and have a blast watching and re-watching it over the years. Make several copies and send the DVDs to both parents and spread the happiness and joy. No need to worry as the file does not take up any physical space inside the house and you can always watch it even on the go.

Next level guest book. If the lovebirds are bibliophiles and can’t let go of the books, take it up a notch and get a dictionary. Instruct the guests to pick a word that they would want to dedicate for the couple or an adjective to describe the newlyweds. They should encircle the entry in the dictionary and write a short message beside it using highlighters and colored pens. The dictionary still becomes usable but then the messages will be stored along with it forever.

Hobbies and sports shared by two. For the bride and groom who share the same hobbies or met through the same interests, why not highlight them through the guest book? Have your family and friends sign on a surfboard, on a set of vinyl records, or even wooden Jenga tiles. These would make the experience more memorable for the guests and you would absolutely love to have these items displayed inside the house.

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