Host a Christmas Goody Exchange

Decorated Christmas TreeAdmit it. One of your favorite parts of the holidays is all the sweet treats! They’re available at your office, at your child’s holiday school party, and at the open houses and parties your neighbors and friends are hosting. Yet baking can consume a great chunk of your time if you’re trying to make a host of goodies for your family and friends to sample. Invite your friends and family members that love baking these sweet treats to bring a goody or two with them and come to your Christmas goody exchange!

During the party, everyone shares in one another’s treats. This gives everyone the desirable variety, and yet only requires baking one or two treats at the most. Have everyone bring a little extra for the party table, and you’ll have quick and simple refreshments for your party.

Ask each guest to bring either a dozen or half dozen cookies or treats for each attendee, plus a dozen for the party. Be sure to have plastic wrap, storage bags or portable plastic containers available for those guests who didn’t bring something to take home their goodies.. The goodies will maintain their freshness and flavor best if they’re stored separate from the other goodies and cookies. Ask your guests to provide enough copies of their recipes to share with others. You might even want to supply decorative gift bags with handles for guests to place their bagged treats in once it is time to leave for easy transport.

Spread out a decorative holiday tablecloth on a large table, and put out a big serving platter or basket for each guest to place their treats. Then place a larger tray in the middle of your table; this will be for the treats that will be enjoyed during the party. If you haven’t finished your Christmas decorating by the day of your party, be sure the room where you’ll be hosting the party is festively decorated. Be sure to play Christmas music to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Since most people are doing their shopping, decorating or other holiday activities later in the day, mornings are a great time to host an exchange party. This is a great time to exchange ideas for affordable gifts, homemade gifts that are simple to make, ideas for homemade Christmas decorations and the different holiday traditions in your family. Be sure to serve hot mulled cider or egg nog as beverages, along with coffee, tea, juices and milk. Cookie and goody exchanges also coordinate nicely with choir practices or play rehearsals for Christmas or church pageants, something to keep in mind once the holidays roll around and your church or school begins to plan for the holiday season. It would also be a great way for your family, friends or co-workers to exchange food gifts, even though you might have all previously agreed not to exchange store-bought gifts.

So get out your address book, invite a few friends over, and get ready to enjoy all those delicious holiday treats with one another!

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