How to Get the Most Out of Your Day

How to Get the Most Out of Your Day with Multi-Functional Wedding Items


The modern day brides of the 21st century are now practical and budget-savvy. With more than a hundred little details and elements that make up the entire day, any wedding budget can swell up into gigantic proportions when not carefully planned.

Brides sometimes tend to find different creative ways of making ends meet. Baking their own desserts, doing their own floral arrangements, or even preparing their own party playlist on their iPods to be played during the reception are just a few examples of DIY ideas. However, an even better way to cut corners without literally cutting off tons of the details for the wedding day is to simply find efficient ways to maximize items and elements.


Having multi-functional items within the wedding can help lessen the cost while not eliminating any of the key elements that the bride wishes to keep. Here are four smart ways to turn any regular wedding detail into a multi-functional, money-saving gem.


Wedding favors as place cards. Okay, this might be the obvious pick but then it is a classic time and money-saver idea. A personalized name tag on the wedding favors, be it a simple soy candle or a delicate figurine, can work wonders as it rids the need of a seating chart and it also makes the guests feel a little more special. Take it up a notch and have edible sweets and dessert items as wedding favors to make it even more practical.


Bouquets that double as centerpieces. Right after the bridesmaids walk into the reception venue, the flowers they hold from their march in the church will simply sit on the tabletop or remain untouched in their seats for the rest of the night. Add in a clear vase with water and voila – an instant centerpiece for the bridal party table. Place all of the bouquets into one huge container or opt for smaller vases spread throughout the long table.


Swap sweets for sweets. Not a cake person? Go for a cake substitute that can be brought home as favors. From cupcake towers to dessert buffet tables, make the display grand and fancy for the guests to enjoy going back and forth with their servings. Save a big piece, like a giant cupcake or a single layer of cake on top of the pyramid of brownies, for the “cake”-slicing tradition and photos.


Multi-functional vendors. Yes, people can also multitask during the wedding day. If a single caterer is working on the dinner, the desserts, and also the cake, why not ask them if they can work the bar as well? Have the same acoustic trio from the ceremony and the reception give a little pre-show during the engagement party. Not only does this lessen the number of people the bride gets to coordinate with during the day, the services can be availed as a package with a smaller price tag.


Overall, there are no clear rules as to what may or may not be included in a wedding. It is up to the bride-to-be and wedding planner on how they can efficiently carry out their plans and details without the need to go over budget. Also in the same way, having multi-functional wedding elements have no clear rules and the possibilities are only limited in their creativity.

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