Life-Saving Items You Need the Day of your Wedding

Life-Saving Items That Should be inside Every Single Bride’s Emergency Purse

We have all heard about those true-to-life wedding day disasters, which sound like horror stories to brides-to-be. From broken heels of bridesmaids, detached buttons from the groomsman’s coat, to the bride’s stained gown, everything and anything can happen during the big day.

Hence, experts in the field, or other brides and event planners, have always insisted that the bride keep an emergency kit or purse within her reach at all times. No one could ever tell what may happen next or when would a safety pin ever come in handy during the crucial moments of the day. Most especially for destination weddings or out of town venues, the nearest convenience store or gasoline station may be 10 miles away so it can never hurt to be prepared for anything that might just happen.

Ideally, the live-saving items inside the emergency purse should include the following:

Safety pins. Of course, when has a safety pin ever not been handy? Broken zippers and ripped hems are no match for the mighty safety pin so stash 10 or more.

Antacids and painkillers. Stress is inevitable for any bride and the wedding day can be such a trying time because of all the details coming together in a single day. Prepare chewable antacids and pills for headaches to help alleviate any pain and allow the bride to smile so sweetly in all her portraits for the day.

Drinking straws. Prevent ruined lipsticks and red-stained teeth by having straws right when the bride takes a sip of water. It also avoids the chances of drinks getting spilled onto the dresses through tipped glasses and narrow-mouthed bottles.

Clear nail polish. Cracked nails and chipped nail polish will need a fresh layer of nail polish to prevent further damage (and discomfort). Also, clear polish can be used to stop stockings from further runs and tears.

Super glue. Spot fix the decorations, reattach a broken stiletto heel, or even fixing a loose pleat from the bride’s dress – super glue does deserve its title as it can be a huge life-saver even in its small size.

White chalk. A quick fix for any small yet noticeable spot on the bride’s white bridal dress, whites shoes, and even the groom’s white shirt. No one will ever notice and it can be reapplied several times all through the ceremony, post-nuptial pictorial, and on to the reception.

Snacks and candies. Keep a pack of trail mix and little bites of chocolates in case the bride goes hungry, but also remember to have breath mints for after. Energy drinks and power bars can also be stashed inside the emergency kit, just in case the bride needs an extra dose of power to keep up with all the merrymaking.

Phone charger. Seldom taken for granted during the day, the bride’s phone mostly needed at the end of the day, when all the important calls and messages are to be returned and replied to.

Money and credit card. Usually, the most commonly forgotten item in the entire list is money. It comes in handy when there is a need to tip a vendor or when the entire after party is starving after all the dancing and partying.



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