Modern Wedding Trends

Modern Wedding Trends: 6 Green Wedding Ideas to Make a Big Difference on Your Wedding Day


As with every other human activity, weddings are able to produce a lot of waste and the problem magnifies, as there are more than a thousand weddings that happen every single year. Green conscious couples are now shifting their attention into celebrating their wedding in a more planet-friendly way, integrating their ecological practices into the wedding planning and the occasion itself.


At first glance, any bride would be overwhelmed with the amount of extra work entailed into swapping a few suppliers or opting for a more costly way for recycled products. However, going green may allow for a more meaningful celebration that in turn can spread the awareness among other family and friends.

Wondering here to start the green revolution? Here are a few examples of green wedding ideas:

Go paperless. In today’s modern world, wedding invitations and other stationery can now be sent via email to all guests. Set up a wedding website, complete with all the maps for the venues, instructions for the dress code, and even the theme of the wedding, and send the URL address to all family and friends through social media. Don’t forget to call old Gramps to confirm though, and be open for any questions and clarifications.

Go for paper, but green paper. Still going through the traditional route of wedding invitations? Opt for recycled paper and print using soy inks. Thanks to technology, there are different textures and color to choose from when it comes to paper and ink. This way, having printed menus and thank you cards can feel guilt-free for the green couple.

All-in-one venues. Spare the guests the trouble of travelling and also lessen the burden of planning for two venues – put the entire day’s festivities into a single venue. It could be a garden restaurant, with the ceremony outdoors and the reception indoors, or have it in a local historical mansion or hotel, with its own chapel inside and a beautiful lawn for a marquee set up. Not only do you get to save by getting a great package deal on the venue but also get to save on gasoline and smoke emissions by have the guests drive into only one spot for the entire day. What a treat!

Highlight the local organic produce. Get local caterers and suppliers who use local and organic products. Local caterers can showcase seasonal fruits and vegetables, making the meal more enjoyable for the out-of-town guests. Make sure to place info cards around the buffet table so that the guests can read and learn more about the local food scene while they wait their turn to get their servings.

Recycle and up-cycle. For the DIY brides, go treasure hunting in the antique shops and vintage stores to re-use old furniture or decorations. Mismatched candlesticks can be spray painted a single distinct color from the wedding theme and placed on the bridal party’s table. Wooden photo frames can be reused to hold the menu or the program while lace curtains can be re-vamped into dreamy drapes for the cake table backdrop. With a little imagination and a lot of elbow grease, the possibilities are endless.

Don’t forget about the after party. Maximize all of the wedding elements right after the wedding day is over as this is the most important step of all. Deliver the flowers from the bouquets and centerpieces to the nearest hospital and get to light up other people’s faces with these beautiful blooms. Gather the wine and champagne bottles and have them recycled or keep them for your own DIY crafts project. Ensure that the hired caterer have a green way of disposing leftovers, otherwise wrap them up and drive them over to the homeless shelter.

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