Outdoor Party Games For Children


These given games can be adapted to fit your idea even with a little creativity. Let’s say your theme is based on a movie or T.V. show, you should be sure to read the story well for ideas. If you base your theme on Blue’s Clues then you should know that blue loves to search for clues. So, the traditional Scavenger Hunt can become Blue’s Treasure Hunt. Maybe you will also like to play theme music at a party and read an easier and shorter version of the original story.

All of these games are very much enjoyable and most of them are great for almost any party with children.


This game needs a large area and good supervision. The children are to be blindfolded except if they are young and don’t wish to be. They take a bat or stick, swing at a suspended container and try to open or break it. Remember to put goodies in the container or else the game will lose its objective and will be a lot less fun.

To make this is very much simple. You can just beautify a gorcery bag (made of paper) with art materials like paints, Japanese paper and other types of colorful ornaments and glue them. Then, tape the top closed as soon as the goodies are inside. After this, seal the bag with a string. But if you want, you can make a more elegant or a fancier one. You can use a balloon and glue paper mache on it. The great and fun thing is you can adorn these to match any of your themes.

Treasure Hunting

There are many ways to do a treaure hunt. These are some creative ways. You can spread out coins in your yard and tell the kids to hunt them down, it is actually just like the famous Easter egg hunt. You can also conceal each kid’s treats bag and then give each child a hint for finding it. You might as well write the hint on a piece of paper in case the child forgets it.

Pass The Apple

This energetic and fun game is easy on the pocket and quite simple. It only needs four apples. First, break the children into two groups. When the game master says, “go!” the children must pass on the apple from their neck to the next child’s neck without dropping it. They must only use their neck and chin and the children disobeying would be disqualified.

The last person should wear a hankerchief to indicate that he or she is the last. When the apple reaches the last person, he or she should run to the game master keeping the apple in the same position on his neck. The group that does this first wins.

Sand Pass

Divide the children into 2 groups, then let them form a line. The first person in the line gets some sand from a container using his hands. They must pass this and to the next player on the line, then this person passes it to the next, and so on. As soon as the first player passes this to the next, he or she can already get more sandand pass it again.

When this sand is given to the last player, he or she puts what was given on a bowl or any conatiner. This procces repeats until the time runs out. After this alloted time, weigh the sand. The team that has the most sand is the winner of the game.

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