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Some otherwise perfectly sane people can be completely irrational when it comes to their favorite sports team. You can tell them by the way everything they own seems to be related to “their team”. Every gift he receives for every occasion is emblazoned with “THE” team logo. They aren’t about to abandon their fervor when it comes to planning their weddings.

The fervent fan is common to all sports….baseball, football, basketball, soccer, sky diving, scuba diving, car racing, and all others that you can name.

Sometimes a couple’s relationship begins with the commonality of being fans of a sports team. Their entire dating experience has been centered on ‘their’ team. Their fanship (is that a word or did I just make it up?) is the basis for them falling in love and deciding to get married so it stands to reason that their wedding will be themed around their team, the sport and team colors. Well….that saves a lot of decision making, if nothing else.

The Baseball Fan’s Wedding

Many baseball stadiums allow couples to have their wedding ceremonies performed at home plate following a home game. Check with the main office of your favorite team to see if they offer that option. If they do, you can be married not only with your family and friends present but your fellow fans as well. If the stadium of your choice doesn’t offer that option, you can still have a wedding based on your mutual love of your team. Simply use your team’s colors as the color scheme of your wedding. Have the bridesmaid’s dresses be one of the colors and the bouquets they carry the other.

The reception is where you can really get ‘into’ your baseball team theme. Use player’s numbers or names to denote seating arrangements. The food can be your favorite tailgate are…..barbeque ribs, pigs-in-a-blanket, burgers, chips and beer.

Inform your guests when you invite them that they will be participating in a baseball game at the reception so they can come dressed for the occasion. As favors, give your guests a baseball with your names and the date of your wedding or a miniature bat with your pictures on it.

The Football Fan’s Wedding

Some professional team’s football stadiums will allow couples to be married at mid-field after a game or at times when games are not scheduled. Some stadiums have facilities to accommodate receptions, as well. For the ardent football fan this would be a dream wedding come true.
Most colleges allow weddings to take place on their football fields if adequate notice is provided. All high schools allow this to the best of my knowledge. If the groom was the star quarterback for the high school team and the bride was the head cheerleader, what better place for them to be married than at mid field where their stars shone the brightest. The football fan wedding theme would, of course, have the team colors as the color scheme for the wedding. The decorations would include footballs, yellow flags, and goal posts. The food just has to be of the tailgate variety…nothing else would be appropriate. You might even be able to find some tailgates to use as serving tables for the event. The favors for your guests could be miniature footballs with your names and the date on them. The napkins, plates and cups should all have the team logo emblazoned on them, of course.

The Basketball Fan’s Wedding

The hard core basketball fan’s dream wedding would be held at center court of his favorite team’s home arena. Many professional and semi-professional teams allow wedding to be held after games. Be aware, however, that high-heel shoes will not be permitted so plan accordingly. The bride and groom can both wear the jerseys with the numbers of their favorite players and the minister can be dressed as a referee even if the wedding isn’t being conducted at center court or under a goal of a basketball arena. Sometimes a couple found each other because they were both ardent fans of a basketball team and they can’t imagine their wedding not including any reference to the team that brought them together in the first place. There are dozens of online sources for finding basketball related items for parties and weddings. The favors that you give to your guests might include a miniature basketball with your names and the date with a small display stand included.

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