Weddings in Strange Places


Modern day couples are opting for their weddings to be held in places other than the traditional church, synagogue or even city hall more and more frequently. These couples want the place that their wedding ceremony is performed, whether it is a very traditional ceremony or not, to be a place that is meaningful to them as a couple in some way.

Brides-to-be (and grooms as well) sometimes deliver a real shock to their family and friends when they announce that they are getting married. Not that the fact that they are getting married is such a shock but the fact that they are planning on doing the deed while they are riding a roller coaster in Las Vegas, skydiving in Nevada or scuba diving in Bermuda, holding the ceremony in a castle in Switzerland or on the 50 yard line of Mile-High Stadium might be a little shocking to say the least.

Many of those of an older generation think that weddings held in strange places are an affront to the seriousness of the sacrament of marriage and strongly object to the idea. Of course, it isn’t an affront at all but it takes some strong and convincing arguments to change the minds of those who believe it is. Sometimes they warm up to the idea given time, sometimes they don’t.
The truth is that the marriage that is being planned is about the two people who are joining their lives together and not about ‘what the neighbors will think’ or what others believe to be an appropriate venue.

Nobody asked for advice but here is some anyway. Do what you want to do. Make your wedding a memorable event that you will look back on in 50 years and be glad you did it your way. Get the pictures that will prove to your grandchildren that you were once wild and crazy kids that were madly in love and had a strong sense of adventure. Just take the vows seriously and mean them
with all your heart no matter where the wedding ceremony is performed.

Get Married in a Castle

Can there be a more romantic setting than an ancient castle that has witnessed generations of history? Probably not. Visions of Snow White and Cinderella come to mind. There are castles in England, Italy, Switzerland and other countries that can be rented and used as the site for a romantic wedding. The prices vary and they are in great demand so a very early reservation must be made. Many of the towns and villages near the castles cater to weddings and wedding parties.

Get Married at Home Plate

If you and your intended are both avid baseball fans and a lot of your dating history revolves around your mutual love of baseball and a particular team, there is not a reason that your wedding being held on home plate of your favorite team is in any way not appropriate. If it feels appropriate to you, then it is. Many major league teams and minor league teams allow marriage ceremonies to be performed either after a game or when the stadium isn’t in use. Some baseball stadiums even have facilities for wedding receptions that they will rent.

Get Married on a Landing Field
More than a few couples who enjoy the sport of skydiving together have jumped into marriage out of a perfectly good airplane flying at 13,000 feet and have been glad they did it their way.
One couple did exactly that. The band that they had hired played “The Wind Beneath my Wings” as the fell through the sky. Within moments of landing, they were saying, “I do” with both of them dressed in their jumpsuits. The bride’s veil was held firmly on by a chin strap and the groom’s only concession to bridal attire was a bow tie. It was a beautiful and memorable event. One that will be remembered in detail much longer than a traditional wedding in a church.

Get Married on the Beach

Many modern day couples love the beach. The beach may have been the place where a lot of their dating occurred or where they have had their heart to heart conversations. There can be no more romantic setting that a beautiful windswept beach at sundown. There is a feeling of peacefulness and hopefulness on the beach at that time of day. It makes for a beautiful setting for a wedding.

Planning an outdoor event of any kind including a wedding is always subject to weather of course. It’s a good idea to have an alternate location for the ceremony to take place in case Mother Nature decides to throw a fit and rain on your wedding day.

If you are both scuba diving enthusiasts, you could wade out of the ocean hand in hand in your wetsuits. When the ceremony is over, you could wade back into the ocean and swim away together. That would be a very symbolic gesture and one that you and your family and friends would never forget.

Get Married in a Field of Wildflowers

A friend of mine in Texas had a field her father owned seeded with a wide variety of wildflowers that are indigenous to the State and that all bloom in the Spring at about the same time. She scheduled her wedding for early May. The wedding could not have been more beautiful. There is nothing a florist can do that can compare with Mother Nature at her best. Of course, everybody can’t have a field seeded with wildflowers. But you know where and when in your area wildflowers bloom and you could make arrangements with the people who own the property to allow you to have your wedding there.

Get Married at the top of the Eiffel Tower

It’s true. You can get married at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Marriage ceremonies are performed there all the time. It’s a very popular wedding location for couples who live in France. If the price of going to France and getting married atop the real Eiffel Tower is a little more than your budget can bare, you can go to Las Vegas and get married in the Eiffel Tower replica that is located at the Paris Las Vegas Resort. Wedding ceremonies are
performed on the fiftieth-floor observation deck. The view is spectacular and memories of the experience will last a lifetime.

Get Married in a Gondola

In Italy, you can, in fact, get married in a Gondola while traversing the canals of Venice. Could there be anything more romantic? Of course, actually getting yourselves and your friends and families could prove to be a little costly.

Ok…maybe a LOT costly but there is another alternative to actually going to Italy. The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas specializes in weddings performed in gondolas. The gondolas are only large enough to hold the bride, groom, one attendant, the minister and the singing gondolier. You are taken by gondola out on Lake Las Vegas to a party boat that can accommodate at least twelve people. The scenery is beautiful and the experience is a once-in-a-lifetime one.
There are many venues to hold a wedding other than the traditional ones. If you and your husband or wife to have your hearts set on a wedding being held in a romantic and unusual place, you should have what you want.

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